Board Members and Trustees

The Hilliard Davidson Athletic Boosters has a board and trustees for each varsity sport.

2022-2023 Board Members
President:                          Tricia Bradley                       
Vice President:                  Amy Holden      
Treasurer:                          Brent Ralston                      
Athletic Director:              Nathan Bobek                       
Secretary:                          Julie Benner

2022-2023 Trustees

Sport Name Email
Baseball Erin Arnett 
Baseball Travis Miller 
Basketball Boys
Basketball Boys
Basketball Girls Jeff Cashell
Basketball Girls
Bowling Beth Guthrie
Cheerleading Alisa Parker
Cross Country Boys Dana Davis
Cross Country Boys Jenny Shelton 
Cross Country Girls Shawn Tar
Cross Country Girls
Football Stephanie Sparkman
Golf Boys Brent Moore
Golf Boys
Golf Girls Jenn Lingenfelter
Golf Girls
Gymnastics Jamie Miles
Lacrosse Boys Sean Clark 
Lacrosse Boys
Lacrosse Girls Cherie Sanders 
Lacrosse Girls Colleen Meyer
Soccer Boys Martin Gallo
Soccer Boys Ron Lucy
Soccer Girls Tony Valle
Soccer Girls Laura Miller
Softball Robin Manos
Softball Betsey Rickel
Swim/Dive Kelly Johanssen
Swim/Dive Melissa Banyots
Tennis Boys Vance Houseworth
Tennis Girls need replacement
Track Boys need replacement
Track Boys
Track Girls Tricia Bradley 
Track Girls
Volleyball Boys April Monahan 
Volleyball Boys
Volleyball Girls Kathryn Miracle (back up) 
Volleyball Girls Jill Snyder 
Wrestling Kirsten Marihugh
President Tricia Bradley 
Vice President Amy Holden 
Secretary Julie Benner 
Treasurer Brent Ralston 
Athletic Director Nathan Bobek 

Members At Large

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